Announcement: 2019 USA PAm-Costco Scholar Fellowship Awards for Honey Bee Health

Scholarship: In 2013 Costco and Project Apis m. (PAm) launched the first PAm-Costco Scholar Fellowship Program. Costco has an admirable commitment to sustainability, and is a champion supporter of honey bee research, recognizing it as an investment to ensure an ethical and sustainable food supply. Investing in research that has real and practical impacts on […]

Pollinator Protection: Residual Time to 25% Bee Mortality Data Released

The original article was published by the Environmental Protection Agency March 21, 2019 and can be found here. RT25 Data: What “ey are and Where “ey Come From The residual time to 25% mortality (referred to as the RT25) values provided in the table below were compiled from registrant-submitted data submitted in order to fulfill […]

Much Fields May Attract Bees To Aid Pollination

This article is by Dean Peterson, VGN correspondent and was published by Vegetable Growers News on March 7, 2019. The original article can be found here. The causes of pollinator decline have been well-documented, but research at Ohio State University’s Muck Farm near Willard, Ohio, is trying a new approach of putting pollinator habitat in […]