Family Safety

Keep Pollinators Safe With Kids

According to The Whole Kids Foundation, it is possible to keep pollinators (including bees) and your children safe in your yard or garden. We need bees to survive. Did you know pollinators are a crucial part of our food system? In fact, 84% of commercially grown crops are insect-pollinated, and honey bees contribute $24 billion annually to U.S. agriculture. One in three bites of food are made possible by bees!

Despite these impressive stats, pollinators are bombarded by threats to their food, homes and environment from every angle! It’s hard to be a busy bee when you’re losing places to land, places to rest, places to eat, places to live – and places to pollinate.

Let’s teach the kiddos in your life about their importance through together-time activities and resources. Check out a list of kid friendly activities here and on our blog, courtesy of the Whole Kids Foundation. Let’s get planting!