Pollinator Safety

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Thanks to the approximately 8 million wildlife gardeners who planted and registered with The National Wildlife Federation, it is estimated that there is now at least one or more pollinator gardens per block in most communities across the United States!

Regardless of where you live in the world, it’s important to support pollinators throughout the year. According to The National Wildlife Center, we should Think in Three’s when seeking to help pollinators in our yard and gardens.

Plant a minimum of 3 varieties of blooming nectar plants across 3 seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Balance your landscape with 3 types of native plants. Include flowers, woodies and grasses – a “Woodie” is a tree or shrub. Don’t forget to ensure pollinators have a nearby mineral rich water source, such as a shallow pan or plate filled with local stones and water.

To find the right plants that have co evolved with pollinator species native to where you live, check out these Regional Starter Lists.

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